OH&S and Safety Alerts

In Victoria, workers are protected by their union and also the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Together they form an effective means of support for ETU members when dealing with health and safety matters. The ETU, in conjunction with the Victorian Trades Hall and the ACTU, has access to current information on every health and safety matter.

By contacting the ETU, we can provide members with up-to-date accurate material that will assist you in dealing with issues at your workplace.

The ETU provides advice on current procedures to follow when dealing with OHS matters, however, the most important thing to remember is that – IF IT IS UNSAFE, DON’T DO IT.

All the words in the world cannot replace these when considering your safety. No one can force any worker to work in an unsafe manner.

ETU Occupational Health and Safety Manual

The Victorian Branch of the Electrical Trades Union is proud to provide the Occupational Health and Safety Manual 2016 edition.
Download the ETU Occupational Health and Safety Manual

Safety Alerts

These are the most recent Safety Alerts issued buy the ETU Occupational Health and Safety Unit. Safety is our number one issue, and should be yours too. Make sure you are familiar with the contents of any Safety Alerts which relate to your industry or the way you do your job.

October 2022 - Faulty Non-Compliant Equipment and Accessories

October 2022 - Unsecured Loads

August 2022 - Operation of HV Switchgear

July 2021 - MSI Guideline Compliance Update

July 2021 - Mid Span Isolator Guideline Compliance

November 2020 - Live Screw Causes Electric Shock on Building Site

September 2020 - Sherrin Vehicle-Mounted 16m EWP Model No. 16DPM52

OHS ALERT 67 - Platform Steps for Pole Truck Unloading

OHS ALERT 66 - Tripod Type Pole Stands (Dead Man's Stands)

OHS ALERT 65 - Prevention of Falls

OHS ALERT 64 - Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) Wet Testing

OHS ALERT 63 - Mobile Elevated Work Platforms - Ground Stability

OHS ALERT 62 - Essential Electrical Site Safety Requirements

OHS Alert 61 - Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)  

OHS ALERT 60 - Work Vehicle Overloading

OHS ALERT 59 - Scissor lift incident

OHS ALERT 58 - Non compliant installation

OHS ALERT 57 - Asbestos present in Johnson switch rooms

OHS ALERT 56 - EWP Crushing Risk

OHS ALERT 55 - Pole Holes

OHS ALERT 54 - Substation ergonomics

OHS ALERT 53 - Ampact tool use in power industry

OHS ALERT 52 - Traffic Management Safety Barriers

OHS ALERT 51 - Traffic Management Permits

OHS ALERT 50 - Traffic Management Auditing

OHS ALERT 49 - Traffic Management Plan

OHS ALERT 48 - Traffic Management Training and Competency  

OHS ALERT 47 - Traffic Management Works Compliance Checklist

OHS ALERT 46 - Fall Protection For Tower Cranes

OHS ALERT 45 - Electrical Floor Boxes

OHS ALERT 44 - Fire Precautions During Construction Requirements

OHS ALERT 43 - Electrical Testing Requirements

OHS ALERT 42 - Lift Installation: Suspended work platform certification

OHS ALERT 41 - Lift Installation: Working on top of lift car

OHS ALERT 40 - Lift Installation: Working on live or near live electrical equipment

OHS ALERT 39 - Lift Installation: Pit access

OHS ALERT 38 - Lift Installation: Rescue retrieval

OHS ALERT 37 - Lift Installation: Licensing requirements

OHS ALERT 36 - Lift Installation: Works compliance checklist

OHS ALERT 35 - Cable winching

OHS ALERT 33 - Lighting on construction sites in Victoria

OHS ALERT 32 - Colour codes on construction sites in Victoria

OHS ALERT 31 - Emergency exit signs

OHS ALERT 29 - Testing portable RCDs on construction sites

OHS ALERT 28 - Insulated pins on 3 pin plug tops

OHS ALERT 27 - Rebar caps do no prevent impalement

OHS ALERT 26 - Electrical safety and network assets

OHS ALERT 25 - Action following electric shock

OHS ALERT 24 - Correct plug top - plug socket arrangement 

OHS ALERT 22 - Inspection of Lesds for Damage (PIgtail Leads)

OHS ALERT 21 - Portable light towers supplied by generators

OHS ALERT 20 -Testing and Tagging Electrical Equipment on Construction Sites

OHS ALERT 19 - Power poles

OHS ALERT 18 - Hire equipment

OHS ALERT 17 - Inspection and maintenance of ladders

OHS ALERT 16 - Electric ovens

OHS ALERT 15 - Makita circular saw recall

OHS ALERT 14 - Makita portable power saw

OHS ALERT 13 - Construction wiring installed in concrete slabs

OHS ALERT 12 - Unsafe extension leads

OHS ALERT 11 - Testing and Tagging

OHS ALERT 10 - Volt sticks

OHS ALERT 9 - Testing and test equipment

OHS ALERT 8 - Angle grinders

OHS ALERT 7 - Relocatable Buildings

OHS ALERT 6 - No live work on construction wiring

OHS ALERT 5 - Working load limits

OHS ALERT 1 - Switchboards on building and construction sites