President Filazzola takes the reins

In late May, the State Council of the union unanimously elected Danny Filazzola Branch President.

Danny’s rise to the presidency follows longstanding service as an ETU member and as a shop steward – a position he was asked to take on 14 years ago. In the last decade Danny has progressed through the ranks of our union – from being a senior steward, to a Committee Member, a State Councillor, an Executive Member and an elected official of the branch.

Secretary Troy Gray was full of praise for Danny, saying on the day of the election that he could think of no better rank and file member than Danny Filazzola.

Danny himself said he didn’t expect he would ever become president of the union, and that it was a great honour to be elected by his comrades.

“From 14 years ago when I stepped up in the union when asked, until today, my values are still the same. Being union has always felt right to me. It feels like home.”

Danny says the union is in a great position to set a higher benchmark for all Australian workers.

“I truly believe with our loyal members and our dedicated stewards, officials and State Councillors – we can use our industrial muscle strategically to raise the bar for all working people’s living standards.”

He thanked retiring Branch President Gary Carruthers for his long, important service to the union in that role.

“Gary has always put the members first, in sometimes challenging circumstances.

I take my hat off to him – he never let the union take a backwards step. He gave so much time and energy in helping to build the union – often coming off the job unpaid to do it. I want to thank Gary for all that he’s done.”

Secretary Troy Gray echoed Danny’s words at the State Council meeting, saying “Gary helped steer the union through rough waters, playing a pivotal role in building bridges between individuals and ensuring the safe passage of the union onto the next generation.”

Danny began his term immediately and will serve until the next union elections in 2019.